Saturday, December 29, 2018

Checking In to Say Hello and Happy New Year!

Time goes by so quickly. I had intended to do so much more with this site than I had. I have another book out and also lecture on other subjects. Occasionally I show my spirit photos for discussion as well. The paranormal is fascinating. We are all curious about what life and even death is all about: Is there an afterlife? If so, what takes place in that dimension? How does elevating your consciousness thru meditation affect the decisions you make today?Those are just three of the questions I answer in my 3rd book Spiritually-Speaking.

There is an expression "better too much than too little" that I relate to. I definitely prefer too much and what has been completed these past few years has been stunning!

Some of you may already know I do Tarot and Astrology readings.
It is a joy to do them. As prices for a reading go I charge very little. My interest has been that people, students, under-employed and those with no employment or whom are simply under a very tight budget have an opportunity to be read. At $20.00 per (1/2) session one can learn a great deal about oneself and that is what life is all about. 
We are all developing at different paces. Sometimes that is reassuring while at other times it is perplexing.
Our individuality calls out to us to follow our intuition regarding the direction we want to take in our lives. That process can take courage. It may cause you to be reflective, cautious and desire to become even more conscious of your motivation and intent.
This process of unfoldment crosses many boundaries. Therefore there is no age in which a reading is more appropriate, helpful or necessary.
The unfoldment of your current situation may lead you into situations you are unprepared for. It may also bring you places you could not imagine that stir-up your wildest dreams and aspirations!
 My readings include health issues, finances, academic plans
and romance. 
Do you want to enhance your relationships to those in your circle or release someone who is unworthy? Must you adapt to being let go of? If so there are tools to accelerate your ability to move on.  
You can contact me thru my website email feature to set up an appointment. Spirit work takes many forms, it speaks in many languages.
Blessings to you on your own spirit journey. I will be back to tell you more about Spiritually-Speaking with many a story from readings that are fascinating. In pieces of dreams you may get information yourself that highlights your own passage. Pieces of dreams that are prophetic affirming the on-going creativity we are all a part of in this world and out of it!
All readings are confidential.
Regarding any health issues always see a doctor. This work is amazing. It is. However it is designed to affirm your on-going responsibility to yourself, your wholeness and wellness.
Happy New Year!

Hi -- It has been quite while since I have written in this blog. Like most everyone else I know I am always multi-tasking and communicatin...