Saturday, March 9, 2019

Hi --

It has been quite while since I have written in this blog. Like most everyone else I know I am always multi-tasking and communicating if not in one way than in another. These times are amazing most especially in that regard. Somehow or other we are always 'on.'

There is an owl outside my window. It has gone from a branch behind the house to a tree on the side of it. Seems to be resting in the sun. Ravens came, only 2 and tried to get the owl to go. But to no avail. Ravens are remarkable in how they work. They actually poke branches to shake them and threaten the owl with them. I was surprised they gave up and have not returned. When there are hawks there are usually 7-10 ravens running the hawk out of town which they follow till the hawk is not in sight anymore.


We are in a Mercury retrograde now until about mid-April. It may be best not to sign contracts until it passes and avoid making any unnecessary purchases. Miscommunication is also a common theme when Mercury is retrograde, as can be reversals in fortune, in plans and a sense of security or confidence in others and oneself. In essence if sudden fatigue sets in you can cancel plans. Rest is often required so you do not have any serious regrets for fighting your energy-level & making poor decisions you might later regret could be the result come mid-April.

But most everything has to do with timing, doesn't it? So if you pause, reserve judgment, delay or even halt any project you are working on don't worry - in a few weeks your energy will return so can keep the work up. Don't judge it or yourself, just do it at the pace the works for you, your lifestyle and your health.

The work I am doing on (2) books right now is going beautifully. I am very pleased with it. One is about racism while the other is about the paranormal. One is nearly complete and ready to go to the publisher.

It was quite the work-in-progress which I'd been researching since 2013!
Parts of that book can be found on its website: HTTP://WWW.LTAR.BIZ

The other book is on the paranormal. It is enlightening, factual, funny and very clear. While it speaks of my work in the field, it gives the reader an opportunity to be reflective of their own innate gifts such a intuition, dream life, faith and its manifestation. Plus insights into the grieving process with attention given to its timing and the acute individuality of the relationships one might be grieving over.

But of course there is more: It also examines transformative aspects of the individuation process which require change combined with the maturation process we are a part of and how best we might serve  the growth surges & other components in our lives that might seem to be involuntary and yet regarding synthesis, regarding synchronization as a whole one must acquiesce to. How does one surrender to trauma, to tragedy or to defeat? You'll find out how I see it when you read it and excerpts from it will be on this site.

That is it for now. I will be back. Have a beautiful day.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Here is a quote for anyone who is stressed out about time:

   "Don't judge time. What you have done
          and continue to do is amazing!"
                                        ~ Kaolin


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pam Gregory regarding February 2019: A dramatic cycle to say the least. I will be posting more thoughts on it and other subjects in the next few days.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sal is such a great reader -- whimsical, refined and to the point. Here is a story about his life and an illness that change it when he was a young man ...
Hi ---

I listened to Lee and Sherry today who run a channel on twin flames and they discussed friends with benefits. While I plan to write more on this subject and on soul mates and channeling, they did ask that viewers let them know what they thought of their clip today. One of the points of the conversation was about men, in this case Lee's take on friends with benefits and Sherry's, Here is my take on it. Underneath it is the link to their clip. Enjoy!

A few thoughts: Loved the ending of this clip ... but won't paraphrase it. A piece that is missing regarding friends w/benefits in straight relationships is the woman's responsibility that is not shared with the 'friend' regarding birth control, STD's and or one person wanting a child while the other does not. For men especially, the whole benefits thing is an admission that they want no outcome other than the immediate self-gratification of the moment. connection or union until they can trust themselves and rediscover their own desire for the 'other' is sustainable. Therefore the woman will be carrying that weight for a multitude of reasons and the effect of it as well. It seems the twin connection is spiritual in the sense that in reality all relations are spiritual relations ie: we come from live within and return to spirit. The body offers a  state of containment of our souls for distinct reasons. In the twin state of union you are already: Two egg yolks in one egg shell. The degree to which you are prepared, worthy or -unworthy varies according to interpretation, understanding  and discernment is up to you. Growth is assured yet remains dependent upon the degree to which one is willing to discover, recover and heal from past wounds.

Twin Souls seem to go thru a de-toxification process. The desire in them seems to be to  heal. To prevent adding salt to wounds. Once the separations grow tiresome and stop teaching you something you have developed as a couple an are onto something together. You are onto something and life tends to show you what, to be the teacher of both thru serendipity, synchronicity, & unity that defies logic. Spirit needn't be linear. So in essence you experience the opposite of what you were taught or exposed to in upbringings that were at best dysfunctional, at worst far worse.

The point seems to be the sharing ... the ongoing sharing of trauma. The ongoing recognition that you are both alright. The freedom of self-analysis; the willingness to undergo change because transformation is where it is at. It is the requirement if you want a non-abusive experience of Oneness & Union to be safe, to be enlightened, to be functional and to keep growing. Friends with benefits can lead to an ongoing mutual inclusivity of 2 whole persons dedicated to love and trust manifested thru one another. However it is male thing as intimacy of any kind revolves around two people not one and women end up serving the male principle during the trials. Tricky and yet a fertile exploration in an on-going voyage of truth and happiness and for many between heaven and earth.

Here is Lee and Sherry!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Scorpionic Flush

Be sure to watch The Leo King. This clip is current and full of fun-loving leonine humor ... it is also the truth. I'd call it The Scorpionic Flush.

For several years so much has been being cleared out of our lives ... the way we look at others and at ourselves, exhaustive surprises and changes not simply in outcomes but processes. Not only in others but within ourselves. It has been hard yet unavoidable to keep up with it!

We know we mirror one another both the shadow and the sun of us.
We are drawn to one another to fulfill out mission, to join us on our quests.
Yes we are.

We are problem-solvers.
Still the murkier waters of motivation
cause us to wonder what' s going on?

The highlights we share and work toward, the goals and freedoms we demand for our love ones and ourselves come at a cost. That cost is change.
You can cling but change will come.

In fact, change is here.
It has arrived.
If you keep the door shut it will fling itself open ... .

Here's the Leo King's take on it today for the week. Enjoy. In fact he was just on The Steve Harvey Show yesterday! Congratulations!


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hi ---

If you know your ascendant you will love this clip! Enjoy!

KRS astrology ...

Hi -- It has been quite while since I have written in this blog. Like most everyone else I know I am always multi-tasking and communicatin...