Sunday, January 27, 2019

Here is a quote for anyone who is stressed out about time:

   "Don't judge time. What you have done
          and continue to do is amazing!"
                                        ~ Kaolin


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pam Gregory regarding February 2019: A dramatic cycle to say the least. I will be posting more thoughts on it and other subjects in the next few days.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sal is such a great reader -- whimsical, refined and to the point. Here is a story about his life and an illness that change it when he was a young man ...
Hi ---

I listened to Lee and Sherry today who run a channel on twin flames and they discussed friends with benefits. While I plan to write more on this subject and on soul mates and channeling, they did ask that viewers let them know what they thought of their clip today. One of the points of the conversation was about men, in this case Lee's take on friends with benefits and Sherry's, Here is my take on it. Underneath it is the link to their clip. Enjoy!

A few thoughts: Loved the ending of this clip ... but won't paraphrase it. A piece that is missing regarding friends w/benefits in straight relationships is the woman's responsibility that is not shared with the 'friend' regarding birth control, STD's and or one person wanting a child while the other does not. For men especially, the whole benefits thing is an admission that they want no outcome other than the immediate self-gratification of the moment. connection or union until they can trust themselves and rediscover their own desire for the 'other' is sustainable. Therefore the woman will be carrying that weight for a multitude of reasons and the effect of it as well. It seems the twin connection is spiritual in the sense that in reality all relations are spiritual relations ie: we come from live within and return to spirit. The body offers a  state of containment of our souls for distinct reasons. In the twin state of union you are already: Two egg yolks in one egg shell. The degree to which you are prepared, worthy or -unworthy varies according to interpretation, understanding  and discernment is up to you. Growth is assured yet remains dependent upon the degree to which one is willing to discover, recover and heal from past wounds.

Twin Souls seem to go thru a de-toxification process. The desire in them seems to be to  heal. To prevent adding salt to wounds. Once the separations grow tiresome and stop teaching you something you have developed as a couple an are onto something together. You are onto something and life tends to show you what, to be the teacher of both thru serendipity, synchronicity, & unity that defies logic. Spirit needn't be linear. So in essence you experience the opposite of what you were taught or exposed to in upbringings that were at best dysfunctional, at worst far worse.

The point seems to be the sharing ... the ongoing sharing of trauma. The ongoing recognition that you are both alright. The freedom of self-analysis; the willingness to undergo change because transformation is where it is at. It is the requirement if you want a non-abusive experience of Oneness & Union to be safe, to be enlightened, to be functional and to keep growing. Friends with benefits can lead to an ongoing mutual inclusivity of 2 whole persons dedicated to love and trust manifested thru one another. However it is male thing as intimacy of any kind revolves around two people not one and women end up serving the male principle during the trials. Tricky and yet a fertile exploration in an on-going voyage of truth and happiness and for many between heaven and earth.

Here is Lee and Sherry!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Scorpionic Flush

Be sure to watch The Leo King. This clip is current and full of fun-loving leonine humor ... it is also the truth. I'd call it The Scorpionic Flush.

For several years so much has been being cleared out of our lives ... the way we look at others and at ourselves, exhaustive surprises and changes not simply in outcomes but processes. Not only in others but within ourselves. It has been hard yet unavoidable to keep up with it!

We know we mirror one another both the shadow and the sun of us.
We are drawn to one another to fulfill out mission, to join us on our quests.
Yes we are.

We are problem-solvers.
Still the murkier waters of motivation
cause us to wonder what' s going on?

The highlights we share and work toward, the goals and freedoms we demand for our love ones and ourselves come at a cost. That cost is change.
You can cling but change will come.

In fact, change is here.
It has arrived.
If you keep the door shut it will fling itself open ... .

Here's the Leo King's take on it today for the week. Enjoy. In fact he was just on The Steve Harvey Show yesterday! Congratulations!


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hi ---

If you know your ascendant you will love this clip! Enjoy!

KRS astrology ...
Kaolin is available for phone readings (Tarot/psychic). You can also book Kaolin for a presentation of the original Spirit Journey Photography with narratives, cards, prints and posters for sale.

Simply go to the email feature on this site
with your request.

Thank you!

Well we got through one serious lunar eclipse.

I am going to be posting other works from those involved in the healing  sciences, esoteric principles and expression of the paranormal.

This morning I watched ...

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam who breaks down the energetic impact of the lunar eclipse in Leo of Jan. 20-21 which continues to effect our insights, wisdom and decisions. For those of you who are attentive to such influences this knowledge, clarity and heart-centered expression of her caring may be beneficial to you.

I hope you enjoy Dr. Balasubramaniam's video on the subject today.


Saturday, January 19, 2019


Full moon tonight: A changing of the guards from Capricorn to Aquarius. Powerful remembrances, massive letting go, rejuvenating restoration. Cosmic annoyance or universal joke? Neither. Instead a forward-moving leap into the unknown with the certainty of your own worth at stake, However it is not merely carnal and the consequences remain eternal.
                                        ~ Excerpts taken from my 3rd book regarding spiritual matters.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Celestial Currency: The Gift of Grace

In these times and throughout history values exchanged are a major theme in our lives: love, money, trust, work, family, health, creativity, passion, politics, faith, philosophy and the list goes on and on. In fact here is a blank space for you to add one value I did not refer to _______________________.
Thank you!

Yes. And there is celestial currency: The gift of grace.

When death takes place, no matter the conditions many of us rely upon grace to get us thru the grieving process. Loss is carnal,  emotional, organic ... we must grow, accept,  change,  develop in and out of events, careers and even relationships.

The value of a dollar even changes.

Many changes are inevitable yet not voluntary. That does not matter. Moving through transitions is necessary

There is so much creativity involved in coping with change. It may take strength, flexibility, hope, ingenuity and help from others. You give it and you receive it.

There is all kinds of currency, even forgiveness is in that realm of value, clarity, insight. Compassion, and empathy matters. What is of equal value? Holding folks accountable. Refusing to be a doormat.

Getting your boundaries straight.

How does one do that? Expect authenticity. Speak-up when dissatisfied. Remain clear about your own worth. Repetition may matter during any process regarding change.

Money matters and yet there is all kinds of currency. Celestial currency, relational currency ...both are ongoing. Both deserve recognition.

Have a good one!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My book review ...

January16, 2019

Thinking Astral -- The Body Rests, The Spirit Wanders

According to Wikipedia the ...

Astral plane

Astral plane

The astral plane, also called the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and generally said to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings.
Many travel to it while they sleep. Some remember the experiences they have while they are traveling. Everyone is different therefore the symbols in their dreams will have highly individualized meanings.
The body rests the spirit wanders.
During these trips time is illusory. However in other experiences time if not timing is relevant. That is especially the case with healings. It can also be the case when someone you know and love is dying. You might sleep and they appear to you to say good-bye while they are actually having a heart attack.
This has happened to me several times. In one experience the individual had been on an escalator. It was a much longer one then they have in airports. There was a glass-ceiling shaped in many angles. He was coming down the escalator while I was going to go up. I was younger in the experience. He hugged me and thanked me for being in his life. I was concerned but also 'knew' I had no role in this, there was nothing I could do about it and I did not know where he was going.
There were a few other people there. But the sense that it was other-dimensional, not 3-D was obvious. The light was super light or paranormal or supernatural light. Otherworldly.
He said: "I love you."
That was on January 29th. When I woke up his daughter called to tell me he was taken to the hospital due to a heart attack at the exact time 4:38 AM when I had the experience of him.
It was a startling admission that astral traveling was here to stay in my life as that was not my first experience of it.

Soon after this experience I read a beautiful book about dreaming by Robert Moss. Here is my book review of The Secret History of Dreaming by Robert Moss which is posted on Christian Perring's metapsychology online reviews site. Here is the link.
Enjoy it an have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Good morning!!

You know I posted my book review of Pam Gregory's You Don't  Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? How Astrology Can Reveal Profound Patterns in Your Life two days ago and here is my review of Gregory's 2nd book How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe which is a must for those with the slightest curiosity about it and those who have been studying astrology all of their lives ...

How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe
by Pam Gregory
Published by Silverwood Books, 2017

When Pam Gregory says “Co-Create” she means it! Whether you are relatively new to Astrology, on a intermediate level or an expert who has read thousands of charts you will learn more from How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. As Gregory states in Chapter 2 the word ‘mystery’ comes from the Latin ‘mysterium’, meaning a secret or doctrine (pg. 20) with an abundance of facts regarding Astrology when it was once respected by the masses the mystery of co-creating using astrological symbols takes on incredible value today.

Astrology offers a way in which one can see how and why values exist and dissolve or shift as new growth comes into our lives. The newness of the beauty of connection and the awkward often dreaded nuances that mean our lives may be entering phases of cyclical endings matter to us. For instance many of us do not want to grow out of comfort-zones we relied upon, we may not be ready for change; we may have a keen awareness of death and transformation and yet even with a lifetime of considerable challenges and loss we resist our own mortality and question what it is really all about? We may even question, who knows?

Astrology draws you a map for coping, for release when necessary and development.

Pam Gregory interprets the Nodal Axis, Full Moons, Eclipses, signs and placements and gives you a list of tools needed to become more conscious. We are all different. We are all complex. We are all connected. And we are all dependent upon one another during this incarnation, which may be one of many … and yet this one matters as paradigms shift, symbols take on a new vibration and the cycles of humanity ask us to be very careful with what we have and respectfully work toward the greater good with and for one another. Respect ecology. Respect energy. respect Alchemy. Look forward to the future. This is a time of change. You can do it says Gregory, yes you can!

Some of you may be familiar with the history of Astrology and the relevance of your North Node placement while others may be new to the language and the assertion of a power within a power Gregory so eloquently addresses. Here are some key themes you will be examining in this work: Soul purpose, the relevance of ‘feeling’, life paths and elevating the vision of your potentiality and that of your client as well. It also includes mention of career paths, cosmic holes and patterns, shape shifting, alchemy plus the intrinsic value of smiling, choice points, higher frequencies and manifesting magic which Gregory asserts is a part of your journey as you are in fact co-creating while you are reading!

Gregory also discusses Full Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses an on pg. 58 there is a worksheet you can use to enhance the exercises Growing as an individual and an interpreter is encouraged: References to soul growth, to re-incarnation are threaded together with a tone of familiarity for you even if you have not come to your own decisions about the meaning of either just yet.

Not to worry. You are evolving. Co-creation is a ride, partnering with the Universe is a big deal. How many others are doing the same in full consciousness with such accountability and a sweeping desire to call for optimism and transformation?

You are not alone. Continue the journey …

The breadth of this work is so strikingly clear that your growth is assured, your knowledge enhanced and the inference that so much is up to us in the choices we make matter.

Node means knot. Gregory asks us to “use love to understand people”. Horoscopes show you what people came in with and have gone through. Astrology opens you up to empathy. It empowers you. It says: Ok, you were there, now you are here. What is next?

And yes, you have a choice. Perception can be everything! “Watch what you say and think” says Pam. Words matter an ideas manifest in a heartbeat so tread carefully, lovingly, smartly and abundantly!

“The powerful effect of consciousness on matters and events even at a distance do matter” said Gregory. Are you programming yourself for defeat? (Radio Misery.)

Divining is an experience of giving. Readers are enormously generous and profoundly loving.
Enjoy Pam Gregory’s scholarly contribution and gift. Co-create with joy and hope! We are souls inhabiting a body for a time under very specific conditions. We are energy and Gregory knows so much more about that than I do – but I feel lighter already because of it. I also know that when
Gregory says Co-create the Secret Language of the Universe, she means it.

In How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe there are 178 pages, 9 Chapters
an Introduction, Afterward, Bibliography and Recommended Reading, Organizations Teaching Astrology and an Endnotes section. There are also multiple tools at your disposal: You can get your horoscope for free on all you need is the time and place of your birth. Pam has studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and then onto achieve Highest Honours in her Master’s course running her practice in New Forest, England

Here is the link to Gregory's book on Amazon:

Kaolin, 2018

Monday, January 14, 2019


These past few years have been so very interesting. For many they have been and continue to be devastating. The recurring themes of racial prejudices have exasperated us. The tsunami-like hatred and contempt of others has been beyond words. However, I am hoping to get some words going in this post to address the ways in which we travel together. The exposure to excesses, to betrayals which lead to confusion and cause one to re-examine their motivations and question their values.

Am I safe?
Who is honest?
Is anyone stable anymore?

In my circle many people have become ill or died. No  matter what philosophy I may have about transitions when there is one after another it can be exasperating. And I am not alone in this. There are many kinds of losses we incur along the way: The child/ren who have really grown-up, the death of a family member, loss of a job or a move from one place to another. We have all been there.

During these transitions the essence of loss means we can no longer rely upon someone we relied upon. We may or may not be able to keep up with the changes, even when they are for the better.

Those concerns are not a strain of narcissism they are a well-rounded truth. It is relational. There was an exchange, a reliable exchange of friendship, work, family and now there is none. Now all is up for grabs.

A friend of mine is hoping to move from one state she has outgrown to another.
But in the wake of this change in a world in which we may not feel safe anymore, the joy of changing locations at 50 is very different than changing at 40.

What happened? Extreme violence is commonplace wherever you go.
Any semblance of justice has been disassembled and may not be restored in her lifetime.
Leaving relatives who live nearby can be a chore, if not down-right petrifying because by now she know life changes and not necessarily for the better.

Her own life has changed.
She has grown.
It is time to go.

There is a soul advantage in this process worth reviewing. It requires discernment. Discernment requires honesty ... that interior side of your identity saying 'I am on my way, let's go!'

It can be fearless. It need not be embraced by you. Change, even voluntary change can be disruptive
and almost though not quite, unforgiving.

But let's take look at the upside:

You are ready. As ready as you will ever be.
You do not want to be stuck in the past.
There are many forms of communication.
Spiritual presence also matters.
The most loving relationships continue.
Change means growth.
Growth matters.
The gift is just waiting to be unwrapped.
Courage ensues.
The grains of happiness is assured.

Discerning is a tool.
It is a language that speaks to you and speaks thru you.
It is more than a decision.
It is eons of remembrances.
It is the hope of new alliances.
The jolt of light after rain.

The freedom of self-determination and renewal.

What is change?.
It is the soul's advantage
speaking to you
and speaking thru you.



I love reading and write book reviews for Christian Perring's Metapsychology Online Reviews. This one is on Amazon and Gregory's are among my favorites. She is a brilliant astrologer and you can see many of her clips on You Tube. Pam is also on FB.

You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? How Astrology Can Reveal Profound Patterns in Your Life by Pam Gregory

For some, Astrology can be met with extreme skepticism. But people like myself who have had a natal reading (a reading of your birth onward) already know that Astrology encapsulates an alchemy that has been studied by the great notables in deeply respected professions such as Galilieo Galilei, Benjamin Disraeli, Goethe, Paramahansa Yogananda, Pythagoreous to Socrates and each are referred to in Gregory’s book. My favorite quote happened to be Aristotle’s “This world is inescapably linked to the motions of the worlds above.” And rather than scratching the surface of how a chart is drawn up and what is involved in the interpretation of it, Gregory leads us up and down a winding staircase from past (3,000 BC and 2,000 BC) to the present and back again so our own view of this complex science becomes an active partner in our journey of the Self with the Self.

Pam Gregory shows us how Carl Gustave Jung’s psychology of archetypes assists us in understanding cosmic energies that comprise the personality: Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the critical distinctions in a chart which reveal aspects of one’s personality: Why do we think the way we do? Why are some of us prone to action in specific areas in our lives while others may be more neutral or even passive? What parts of our identity are shaped by early childhood environment while other aspects are clearly the product of the maturation process? Throughout this 189 pg. journey which answers the questions I just posed above, there are twelve chapters. an Acknowledgement section, Introduction, Notes to the Reader, an Afterword, Bibliography and Recommended Reading, Organizations Teaching Astrology an Endnotes as handsome graphs keep us actively engaged in the development of our knowledge and the beginning of understanding Astrology as a remarkably useful tool regarding voluntary & involuntary life cycles & transitions we must undergo and oftentimes master!

My first horoscope was a gift to me from my sister for my twenty-first birthday in 1972. It opened my eyes into the world of possibilities that existed thru Metaphysics and the wonder a horoscope reveals. Gregory’s work brings the ancient language of astrology to your doorstep. She says, “It’s Ok to be a bit nervous about this but it is time. Sit down and get comfortable as I walk you through the enhancement of your self-definition in relation to the Universe because as Oscar Wilde had said I’d like you to “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”” And yes, I’d say to you after having read Gregory’s book, be yourself and I really do believe in Astrology. Yes I do and you can too!

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Good morning!

I hope all is well with you.

This past week was the 26th anniversary of my brother's passing.
He was thirty-eight years old at the time.

When we were children we were both old souls which means we had
a sense of a past and the future, a sense that we had understood life
plus the significance of the passage of time that there was no earthly
reason for. None of our impressions were based upon any input from
an organized religion and yet we were raised Catholic: The halo's on
saints, the wings on angels which are in fact light appealed to us.
Prayer mattered. Ascension from the body mattered but we did not
know why. It took time to find out. Meanwhile we wondered:

What ascended?
Your soul.

What is a 'soul'?

An essence.

An essence of what?

A core aspect of one's identity or vapor?

Oops! That I not fair. If it is both how can that be, why don't we 'see' it?

A multidimensional aspect of identity that moves thru time and space
needn't reveal its primary aspects of identity to us. Not necessarily.
And yet it does. In "Spiritually-Speaking" you will come to see how
it does.

The soul is a co-creator of time an space.
A supernatural aspect of the human experience.
In contemporary terms an informant.

The essence of wisdom.
The container of experience.
A summation of all-that-is.
It is also who you are becoming.

How do we know?
Many of us believe we do not know.
Or, we cannot know.

Why does one fear it?
Because of one's shadow?
No. Because we often fear what we do know.
We want to understand and equate knowing with understanding
but they are world's apart and do not rely upon one another at all.

Is the soul the moral compass we keep answering to?
No. Our fear of what we do not know or understand is.
It is also the reason for hatred, prejudice and alienation.

Is the soul The bare root of our aspirational selves-in-motion?
Other times it is a guide.
After all our notions of the afterlife are full of uncertainties.
Unless, of course, you do experience evidence.

Many pray for evidence every day.
Receiving grace is receiving evidence.
Recoveries are evidence.
That pay check is evidence.
Your lover is evidence.
Silence is evidence.
Union is evidence.
Happiness is evidence.
Even disruption is evidence.

There are many forms of prayers being answered.
Most stirringly perhaps is death as evidence.
Is death of the body an answer to a prayer?
Is it evidence of our faith?
Is it the successful conclusion to our passage?

Sure. Who wants to be 130 years old?
Who wants to survive everyone they have ever known?
Or one's cultural norms?
Or the capacity to comprehend, move or to love and be loved?

Our bodies are not designed to continue indefinitely for a multitude of reasons.
But our souls, ah ... now that's a different story.

But back to death for a moment:

What does death accomplish?
It unlocks the door to complacency.
We relinquish control.
Many prepare for it.
Our lives are full of it.

It creeps in our dreams.
It has a hold on us..
It stands before each of us right now.
It has a life of its own.

It is the dream we have not had yet.

Paul and I wondered but did not obsess over it.
Our grandmother owned a funeral home and lived above it.
This stirred our young imaginations.
We were stunned by it.
Haunted by it.
Deeper because of it.

But we were children.  When we visited our grandmother we passed the rooms where people
were laid to rest. Only they were not resting. When you rest you sleep.
They were not sleeping.

They were gone.

Lipstick on, hair done, hands folded over.
Flowers. Satin covers in the open coffin.
The bodies. Starched shirts, suit jackets and ties.
A ring on a finger.
Bodies of clay.

We knelt down in wonder before them
'Okay,' I'd say to myself. 'Who are you?
Where are you?'

"Spiritually-Speaking" will talk more about where they went and why.
The ways in which our bodies speak to us and thru us.
The ways in which we embrace the paranormal,
or run from it for as long as we possibly can.

Enjoy this trip, this union, this voyage out of the shadows into the light
of conversation
along with the inference of having some mastery over the frequencies that influence
our behavior
our choices
and even
our deaths.

The next piece will be called: The Soul's Advantage

Join me in this process of unfoldment:

Is discordance your thing? Why?

We'll see how much the song between mortality and immortality has impacted your life so far.

What's next? Paul's appearances to me after his passing which led to healings responsible for the
continuation of people's lives.

What's next? The dreams which informed me of the work as a healer.

What's next?  Clarity with regard to how my gift of empathy works.

What's next?  Paul's profound and unwavering role in it.

I hope you enjoy this narrative on these experiences and do share your own with us.



Hi -- It has been quite while since I have written in this blog. Like most everyone else I know I am always multi-tasking and communicatin...