Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Scorpionic Flush

Be sure to watch The Leo King. This clip is current and full of fun-loving leonine humor ... it is also the truth. I'd call it The Scorpionic Flush.

For several years so much has been being cleared out of our lives ... the way we look at others and at ourselves, exhaustive surprises and changes not simply in outcomes but processes. Not only in others but within ourselves. It has been hard yet unavoidable to keep up with it!

We know we mirror one another both the shadow and the sun of us.
We are drawn to one another to fulfill out mission, to join us on our quests.
Yes we are.

We are problem-solvers.
Still the murkier waters of motivation
cause us to wonder what' s going on?

The highlights we share and work toward, the goals and freedoms we demand for our love ones and ourselves come at a cost. That cost is change.
You can cling but change will come.

In fact, change is here.
It has arrived.
If you keep the door shut it will fling itself open ... .

Here's the Leo King's take on it today for the week. Enjoy. In fact he was just on The Steve Harvey Show yesterday! Congratulations!


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