Thursday, January 24, 2019

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I listened to Lee and Sherry today who run a channel on twin flames and they discussed friends with benefits. While I plan to write more on this subject and on soul mates and channeling, they did ask that viewers let them know what they thought of their clip today. One of the points of the conversation was about men, in this case Lee's take on friends with benefits and Sherry's, Here is my take on it. Underneath it is the link to their clip. Enjoy!

A few thoughts: Loved the ending of this clip ... but won't paraphrase it. A piece that is missing regarding friends w/benefits in straight relationships is the woman's responsibility that is not shared with the 'friend' regarding birth control, STD's and or one person wanting a child while the other does not. For men especially, the whole benefits thing is an admission that they want no outcome other than the immediate self-gratification of the moment. connection or union until they can trust themselves and rediscover their own desire for the 'other' is sustainable. Therefore the woman will be carrying that weight for a multitude of reasons and the effect of it as well. It seems the twin connection is spiritual in the sense that in reality all relations are spiritual relations ie: we come from live within and return to spirit. The body offers a  state of containment of our souls for distinct reasons. In the twin state of union you are already: Two egg yolks in one egg shell. The degree to which you are prepared, worthy or -unworthy varies according to interpretation, understanding  and discernment is up to you. Growth is assured yet remains dependent upon the degree to which one is willing to discover, recover and heal from past wounds.

Twin Souls seem to go thru a de-toxification process. The desire in them seems to be to  heal. To prevent adding salt to wounds. Once the separations grow tiresome and stop teaching you something you have developed as a couple an are onto something together. You are onto something and life tends to show you what, to be the teacher of both thru serendipity, synchronicity, & unity that defies logic. Spirit needn't be linear. So in essence you experience the opposite of what you were taught or exposed to in upbringings that were at best dysfunctional, at worst far worse.

The point seems to be the sharing ... the ongoing sharing of trauma. The ongoing recognition that you are both alright. The freedom of self-analysis; the willingness to undergo change because transformation is where it is at. It is the requirement if you want a non-abusive experience of Oneness & Union to be safe, to be enlightened, to be functional and to keep growing. Friends with benefits can lead to an ongoing mutual inclusivity of 2 whole persons dedicated to love and trust manifested thru one another. However it is male thing as intimacy of any kind revolves around two people not one and women end up serving the male principle during the trials. Tricky and yet a fertile exploration in an on-going voyage of truth and happiness and for many between heaven and earth.

Here is Lee and Sherry!

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