Thursday, January 17, 2019

Celestial Currency: The Gift of Grace

In these times and throughout history values exchanged are a major theme in our lives: love, money, trust, work, family, health, creativity, passion, politics, faith, philosophy and the list goes on and on. In fact here is a blank space for you to add one value I did not refer to _______________________.
Thank you!

Yes. And there is celestial currency: The gift of grace.

When death takes place, no matter the conditions many of us rely upon grace to get us thru the grieving process. Loss is carnal,  emotional, organic ... we must grow, accept,  change,  develop in and out of events, careers and even relationships.

The value of a dollar even changes.

Many changes are inevitable yet not voluntary. That does not matter. Moving through transitions is necessary

There is so much creativity involved in coping with change. It may take strength, flexibility, hope, ingenuity and help from others. You give it and you receive it.

There is all kinds of currency, even forgiveness is in that realm of value, clarity, insight. Compassion, and empathy matters. What is of equal value? Holding folks accountable. Refusing to be a doormat.

Getting your boundaries straight.

How does one do that? Expect authenticity. Speak-up when dissatisfied. Remain clear about your own worth. Repetition may matter during any process regarding change.

Money matters and yet there is all kinds of currency. Celestial currency, relational currency ...both are ongoing. Both deserve recognition.

Have a good one!


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