Sunday, January 13, 2019


Good morning!

I hope all is well with you.

This past week was the 26th anniversary of my brother's passing.
He was thirty-eight years old at the time.

When we were children we were both old souls which means we had
a sense of a past and the future, a sense that we had understood life
plus the significance of the passage of time that there was no earthly
reason for. None of our impressions were based upon any input from
an organized religion and yet we were raised Catholic: The halo's on
saints, the wings on angels which are in fact light appealed to us.
Prayer mattered. Ascension from the body mattered but we did not
know why. It took time to find out. Meanwhile we wondered:

What ascended?
Your soul.

What is a 'soul'?

An essence.

An essence of what?

A core aspect of one's identity or vapor?

Oops! That I not fair. If it is both how can that be, why don't we 'see' it?

A multidimensional aspect of identity that moves thru time and space
needn't reveal its primary aspects of identity to us. Not necessarily.
And yet it does. In "Spiritually-Speaking" you will come to see how
it does.

The soul is a co-creator of time an space.
A supernatural aspect of the human experience.
In contemporary terms an informant.

The essence of wisdom.
The container of experience.
A summation of all-that-is.
It is also who you are becoming.

How do we know?
Many of us believe we do not know.
Or, we cannot know.

Why does one fear it?
Because of one's shadow?
No. Because we often fear what we do know.
We want to understand and equate knowing with understanding
but they are world's apart and do not rely upon one another at all.

Is the soul the moral compass we keep answering to?
No. Our fear of what we do not know or understand is.
It is also the reason for hatred, prejudice and alienation.

Is the soul The bare root of our aspirational selves-in-motion?
Other times it is a guide.
After all our notions of the afterlife are full of uncertainties.
Unless, of course, you do experience evidence.

Many pray for evidence every day.
Receiving grace is receiving evidence.
Recoveries are evidence.
That pay check is evidence.
Your lover is evidence.
Silence is evidence.
Union is evidence.
Happiness is evidence.
Even disruption is evidence.

There are many forms of prayers being answered.
Most stirringly perhaps is death as evidence.
Is death of the body an answer to a prayer?
Is it evidence of our faith?
Is it the successful conclusion to our passage?

Sure. Who wants to be 130 years old?
Who wants to survive everyone they have ever known?
Or one's cultural norms?
Or the capacity to comprehend, move or to love and be loved?

Our bodies are not designed to continue indefinitely for a multitude of reasons.
But our souls, ah ... now that's a different story.

But back to death for a moment:

What does death accomplish?
It unlocks the door to complacency.
We relinquish control.
Many prepare for it.
Our lives are full of it.

It creeps in our dreams.
It has a hold on us..
It stands before each of us right now.
It has a life of its own.

It is the dream we have not had yet.

Paul and I wondered but did not obsess over it.
Our grandmother owned a funeral home and lived above it.
This stirred our young imaginations.
We were stunned by it.
Haunted by it.
Deeper because of it.

But we were children.  When we visited our grandmother we passed the rooms where people
were laid to rest. Only they were not resting. When you rest you sleep.
They were not sleeping.

They were gone.

Lipstick on, hair done, hands folded over.
Flowers. Satin covers in the open coffin.
The bodies. Starched shirts, suit jackets and ties.
A ring on a finger.
Bodies of clay.

We knelt down in wonder before them
'Okay,' I'd say to myself. 'Who are you?
Where are you?'

"Spiritually-Speaking" will talk more about where they went and why.
The ways in which our bodies speak to us and thru us.
The ways in which we embrace the paranormal,
or run from it for as long as we possibly can.

Enjoy this trip, this union, this voyage out of the shadows into the light
of conversation
along with the inference of having some mastery over the frequencies that influence
our behavior
our choices
and even
our deaths.

The next piece will be called: The Soul's Advantage

Join me in this process of unfoldment:

Is discordance your thing? Why?

We'll see how much the song between mortality and immortality has impacted your life so far.

What's next? Paul's appearances to me after his passing which led to healings responsible for the
continuation of people's lives.

What's next? The dreams which informed me of the work as a healer.

What's next?  Clarity with regard to how my gift of empathy works.

What's next?  Paul's profound and unwavering role in it.

I hope you enjoy this narrative on these experiences and do share your own with us.



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