Monday, January 14, 2019


These past few years have been so very interesting. For many they have been and continue to be devastating. The recurring themes of racial prejudices have exasperated us. The tsunami-like hatred and contempt of others has been beyond words. However, I am hoping to get some words going in this post to address the ways in which we travel together. The exposure to excesses, to betrayals which lead to confusion and cause one to re-examine their motivations and question their values.

Am I safe?
Who is honest?
Is anyone stable anymore?

In my circle many people have become ill or died. No  matter what philosophy I may have about transitions when there is one after another it can be exasperating. And I am not alone in this. There are many kinds of losses we incur along the way: The child/ren who have really grown-up, the death of a family member, loss of a job or a move from one place to another. We have all been there.

During these transitions the essence of loss means we can no longer rely upon someone we relied upon. We may or may not be able to keep up with the changes, even when they are for the better.

Those concerns are not a strain of narcissism they are a well-rounded truth. It is relational. There was an exchange, a reliable exchange of friendship, work, family and now there is none. Now all is up for grabs.

A friend of mine is hoping to move from one state she has outgrown to another.
But in the wake of this change in a world in which we may not feel safe anymore, the joy of changing locations at 50 is very different than changing at 40.

What happened? Extreme violence is commonplace wherever you go.
Any semblance of justice has been disassembled and may not be restored in her lifetime.
Leaving relatives who live nearby can be a chore, if not down-right petrifying because by now she know life changes and not necessarily for the better.

Her own life has changed.
She has grown.
It is time to go.

There is a soul advantage in this process worth reviewing. It requires discernment. Discernment requires honesty ... that interior side of your identity saying 'I am on my way, let's go!'

It can be fearless. It need not be embraced by you. Change, even voluntary change can be disruptive
and almost though not quite, unforgiving.

But let's take look at the upside:

You are ready. As ready as you will ever be.
You do not want to be stuck in the past.
There are many forms of communication.
Spiritual presence also matters.
The most loving relationships continue.
Change means growth.
Growth matters.
The gift is just waiting to be unwrapped.
Courage ensues.
The grains of happiness is assured.

Discerning is a tool.
It is a language that speaks to you and speaks thru you.
It is more than a decision.
It is eons of remembrances.
It is the hope of new alliances.
The jolt of light after rain.

The freedom of self-determination and renewal.

What is change?.
It is the soul's advantage
speaking to you
and speaking thru you.


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