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You know I posted my book review of Pam Gregory's You Don't  Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? How Astrology Can Reveal Profound Patterns in Your Life two days ago and here is my review of Gregory's 2nd book How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe which is a must for those with the slightest curiosity about it and those who have been studying astrology all of their lives ...

How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe
by Pam Gregory
Published by Silverwood Books, 2017

When Pam Gregory says “Co-Create” she means it! Whether you are relatively new to Astrology, on a intermediate level or an expert who has read thousands of charts you will learn more from How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. As Gregory states in Chapter 2 the word ‘mystery’ comes from the Latin ‘mysterium’, meaning a secret or doctrine (pg. 20) with an abundance of facts regarding Astrology when it was once respected by the masses the mystery of co-creating using astrological symbols takes on incredible value today.

Astrology offers a way in which one can see how and why values exist and dissolve or shift as new growth comes into our lives. The newness of the beauty of connection and the awkward often dreaded nuances that mean our lives may be entering phases of cyclical endings matter to us. For instance many of us do not want to grow out of comfort-zones we relied upon, we may not be ready for change; we may have a keen awareness of death and transformation and yet even with a lifetime of considerable challenges and loss we resist our own mortality and question what it is really all about? We may even question, who knows?

Astrology draws you a map for coping, for release when necessary and development.

Pam Gregory interprets the Nodal Axis, Full Moons, Eclipses, signs and placements and gives you a list of tools needed to become more conscious. We are all different. We are all complex. We are all connected. And we are all dependent upon one another during this incarnation, which may be one of many … and yet this one matters as paradigms shift, symbols take on a new vibration and the cycles of humanity ask us to be very careful with what we have and respectfully work toward the greater good with and for one another. Respect ecology. Respect energy. respect Alchemy. Look forward to the future. This is a time of change. You can do it says Gregory, yes you can!

Some of you may be familiar with the history of Astrology and the relevance of your North Node placement while others may be new to the language and the assertion of a power within a power Gregory so eloquently addresses. Here are some key themes you will be examining in this work: Soul purpose, the relevance of ‘feeling’, life paths and elevating the vision of your potentiality and that of your client as well. It also includes mention of career paths, cosmic holes and patterns, shape shifting, alchemy plus the intrinsic value of smiling, choice points, higher frequencies and manifesting magic which Gregory asserts is a part of your journey as you are in fact co-creating while you are reading!

Gregory also discusses Full Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses an on pg. 58 there is a worksheet you can use to enhance the exercises Growing as an individual and an interpreter is encouraged: References to soul growth, to re-incarnation are threaded together with a tone of familiarity for you even if you have not come to your own decisions about the meaning of either just yet.

Not to worry. You are evolving. Co-creation is a ride, partnering with the Universe is a big deal. How many others are doing the same in full consciousness with such accountability and a sweeping desire to call for optimism and transformation?

You are not alone. Continue the journey …

The breadth of this work is so strikingly clear that your growth is assured, your knowledge enhanced and the inference that so much is up to us in the choices we make matter.

Node means knot. Gregory asks us to “use love to understand people”. Horoscopes show you what people came in with and have gone through. Astrology opens you up to empathy. It empowers you. It says: Ok, you were there, now you are here. What is next?

And yes, you have a choice. Perception can be everything! “Watch what you say and think” says Pam. Words matter an ideas manifest in a heartbeat so tread carefully, lovingly, smartly and abundantly!

“The powerful effect of consciousness on matters and events even at a distance do matter” said Gregory. Are you programming yourself for defeat? (Radio Misery.)

Divining is an experience of giving. Readers are enormously generous and profoundly loving.
Enjoy Pam Gregory’s scholarly contribution and gift. Co-create with joy and hope! We are souls inhabiting a body for a time under very specific conditions. We are energy and Gregory knows so much more about that than I do – but I feel lighter already because of it. I also know that when
Gregory says Co-create the Secret Language of the Universe, she means it.

In How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe there are 178 pages, 9 Chapters
an Introduction, Afterward, Bibliography and Recommended Reading, Organizations Teaching Astrology and an Endnotes section. There are also multiple tools at your disposal: You can get your horoscope for free on www.pamgregory.com all you need is the time and place of your birth. Pam has studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and then onto achieve Highest Honours in her Master’s course running her practice in New Forest, England

Here is the link to Gregory's book on Amazon:

Kaolin, 2018

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