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I love reading and write book reviews for Christian Perring's Metapsychology Online Reviews. This one is on Amazon and Gregory's are among my favorites. She is a brilliant astrologer and you can see many of her clips on You Tube. Pam is also on FB.

You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? How Astrology Can Reveal Profound Patterns in Your Life by Pam Gregory

For some, Astrology can be met with extreme skepticism. But people like myself who have had a natal reading (a reading of your birth onward) already know that Astrology encapsulates an alchemy that has been studied by the great notables in deeply respected professions such as Galilieo Galilei, Benjamin Disraeli, Goethe, Paramahansa Yogananda, Pythagoreous to Socrates and each are referred to in Gregory’s book. My favorite quote happened to be Aristotle’s “This world is inescapably linked to the motions of the worlds above.” And rather than scratching the surface of how a chart is drawn up and what is involved in the interpretation of it, Gregory leads us up and down a winding staircase from past (3,000 BC and 2,000 BC) to the present and back again so our own view of this complex science becomes an active partner in our journey of the Self with the Self.

Pam Gregory shows us how Carl Gustave Jung’s psychology of archetypes assists us in understanding cosmic energies that comprise the personality: Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the critical distinctions in a chart which reveal aspects of one’s personality: Why do we think the way we do? Why are some of us prone to action in specific areas in our lives while others may be more neutral or even passive? What parts of our identity are shaped by early childhood environment while other aspects are clearly the product of the maturation process? Throughout this 189 pg. journey which answers the questions I just posed above, there are twelve chapters. an Acknowledgement section, Introduction, Notes to the Reader, an Afterword, Bibliography and Recommended Reading, Organizations Teaching Astrology an Endnotes as handsome graphs keep us actively engaged in the development of our knowledge and the beginning of understanding Astrology as a remarkably useful tool regarding voluntary & involuntary life cycles & transitions we must undergo and oftentimes master!

My first horoscope was a gift to me from my sister for my twenty-first birthday in 1972. It opened my eyes into the world of possibilities that existed thru Metaphysics and the wonder a horoscope reveals. Gregory’s work brings the ancient language of astrology to your doorstep. She says, “It’s Ok to be a bit nervous about this but it is time. Sit down and get comfortable as I walk you through the enhancement of your self-definition in relation to the Universe because as Oscar Wilde had said I’d like you to “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”” And yes, I’d say to you after having read Gregory’s book, be yourself and I really do believe in Astrology. Yes I do and you can too!

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